Kate Glanville is a local potter and author and writes here about her love of the Towy Valley and her worries about the potential destruction of it by a 60 mile long row of 27m pylons which will blight the landscape.

This is me wearing my new Cofiwch Ddyffryn Twyi T shirt at Junction Pool in Rhandirmwyn beside the beautiful River Twyi near the start of the river’s 65 mile route through the spectacular Towy Valley. Every day I walk my dogs in Penlan Park in Llandeilo and from the bandstand I admire the view as the Towy meanders from Llandovery , or I climb up to Dinefwr Castle or Paxton’s Tower National Trust or Dryslwyn Castle and look down the valley towards Carmarthen and the sea. It’s a view, admired and treasured by locals and tourists alike. I have lived near or beside the Towy Valley for twenty seven years, 20 of those years at the foot of Garn Goch where there is a magnificent view of a large part of the valley stretching in both directions. In my ignorance I had always assumed it was a protected landscape. I never ever imagined electricity pylons marching down the valley, 27 meters high, 250meters apart. It never occurred to me that anyone would think of spoiling such a special landscape; not just a wonderful view but a landscape rich in ecology and archeology. But private investors Bute Energy Wales (Green GEN Cymru) have thought of just such a thing! It is a very real possibility that they will persuade the Welsh Government that their ill-thought-out plan will fit with the government’s admirable green energy commitments and the pylons will come! Not just in the Towy Valley but cutting a swathe through the heart of Wales from the Radnor Forest to Carmarthen. Since February residents have come together to fight against this proposal in an amazing way. But it’s going to be a long and arduous fight and wearing T shirts to protest against the pylons maybe a small part but they raise awareness of the issue and start conversations. Find out more on FaceBook Llandeilo Community Group Against Pylons and Llandovery Pylon Community Action Group Llandovery Psg or www.nopylons.wales.

T shirts will soon be for sale in many different sizes at Hengwrt , Carmarthen Street, Llandeilo.

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