Other Voices

External web links for related campaigns near and far

There are many people fighting against the blight of unwanted pylons or turbines inappropriately located across valued landscapes. Some are opposed to the same proposals as us, while others are battling similar issues further afield.

Together our voices must be loud enough so the message cannot be ignored by the powers that would seek to control our lives and environment.

Teifi Valley Against Pylons

Teifi Valley Against Pylons

Our friends not far away are opposing a similar proposal by Green GEN for pylons through their valley.


Hundred House

Hundred House Community Against Pylons


Hirfynydd Renewable Energy Park

NO to Hirfynydd Renewable Energy Park


Mynydd Maen Wind Farm (Comments and suggestions)

Mynydd Maen Wind Farm (Comments and suggestions)



No more pylons in Dalmally

No more pylons in Dalmally


Locals Against Laurclavagh Windfarm

Locals Against Laurclavagh Windfarm


People Against Pylon Bullies

People Against Pylon Bullies UK