Letter and Email Writing Help

Here are some guidlines for writing letters of objection.

These days most correspondence is done by email and the guidelines apply equally to electronic messages. If you want to make a formal impression by email then you can write your letter in the normal way, saving a copy as a PDF and then simply attach it to an email rather than print and post it. Most word processing programs have an option for that. For emailing it's a good idea to use a PDF anyway if your letter is quite lengthy.

To whom should I write?

Directly to the company (or companies) concerned, in the case of this proposal that is Bute Energy Ltd. and Green GEN Cymru. Also to the various polititions, or political bodies that may be involved. When writing to the company it is a very good idea to send copies to the appropriate political representatives.

The address for both Bute Energy Limited and Green Generation Energy Networks Cymru Limited is:
Hodge House
Guildhall Place
CF10 1DY

Postal addresses for polititions and other organisations can often be found by searching the web. Many useful email addresses can be found on our Who's who page.

How important are the letters of objection?

Writing letters of objection are the single most effective way of fighting against pylons at the moment. We need Green GEN to receive a flood of letters of objection and for decision-makers in Cardiff to register the strength of opposition to this proposal.

How should I write my letter?

Put together your own personalised letter using any or all of the following headline points and any other personal views that you want to express.

Include your address / email address. Sign the letter and provide your full name.

Is there the option of signing a template letter?

A personalised letter is best, but if you prefer you can sign one of the pre-prepared template letters or amend one of them to reflect your personal views.

Open the Template letters page . . .

I have been given a questionaire to fill in, will that do?

Be careful with questionaires because they can designed to give pre-determined results. For example we did not advise completing the recent Green GEN questionnaire. Writing letters of objection is be more effective.

Content guidance for objecting to the Green GEN Towy-USk proposal

Here are some ideas for points to include in your letter, but most important - keep it personal!

I am opposed to the use of pylons and overhead lines in the Towy Valley. This is a landscape of outstanding natural beauty and heritage and I want to ensure that it remains intact for future generations. The proposed installation of pylons would cause immense local and national damage.
Deficient Consultation:
  • Flawed and biased
  • Conflicting information
  • Insufficient representatives for the large numbers attending
  • Representatives not fully briefed and often unable to provide satisfactory answers
  • Insufficient engagement with concerns raised; not a true consultation exercise – more of a presentation.
  • No alternatives to pylons were proposed
Pylons – Impact on Visual Landscape:
  • Important and valued landscape (Natural Resources Wales): Special Landscape Area: Registered Historic Landscape
  • Scenically and ecologically outstanding: designated a Special Landscape Area by Carmarthenshire CC.
  • Pylons will dominate the landscape and have a devastating impact
  • Merlin’s Hill, Paxton’s Tower, Dryslwyn Castle, Dinefwr Castle, Iron Age Fort at Garn Goch.
  • Meandering River Towy – the longest river in Wales
Pylons – Impact on Heritage and Historical Landscape:
  • Vital historical significance to Wales of the valley’s heritage and culture
  • Pylons proposal is cultural vandalism.
  • Iron age hill forts and Roman encampments
  • The Lord Rhys ruled Deheubarth from Grade 1 listed Dynefwr Castle
  • Owain Glyndwr battled against the English at Grade 1 listed Dryslwyn Castle
  • Grade II listed Paxton’s Tower has links to Admiral Lord Nelson
  • The Battle of Cadfan, which saw Prince Llewelyn defeat the English, took place near Broad Oak in 1257
  • Grade 2 listed buildings: Golden Grove Park and Mansion, Aberglasney Mansion and walled gardens, Cwrt Henri (Court Henry), Hafodneddyn, Llangathen and Llanarthne churches
  • Painters and poets feature the valley: John Dyer, JMW Turner, William Wilkins, Meirion and Joanna Jones
Pylons – Impact on Economy (Tourism):
  • At odds with national and county economic strategy for the area – note the Carmarthenshire Council opposition to pylons
  • Towy Valley Path (cycle trail) - £19m
  • Tourism is worth £412m to Carmarthenshire as a whole
  • Effect on camping and caravan sites, holiday cottages, restaurants, pubs and cafes.
  • Effect on tourist attractions: National Botanic Garden of Wales, Aberglasney Gardens, Dynefwr Park, Gelli Aur Arboretum, British Bird of Prey Centre, Paxton’s Tower.
Pylons – Impact on Economy/Welsh Language (Agriculture):
  • Valuable grazing and silage economy – generations of farming families
  • Agricultural College and Gelli Aur.
  • Disruptive effect of pylons on land use and sustainability.
  • Threat to traditions and language.
Pylons – Impact on Economy (Property Values):
  • Consequential fall in property values as a result of pylons
  • No compensation unless pylons are on your land
  • Statutory compensation scheme will not equate to the real loss of value
Pylons – Impact on Ecology/Bio Diversity:
  • Nationally important breeding and feeding ground for some endangered and protected birds, mammals, invertebrates, aquatic life and fungi.
  • River Towy is an SSSI (site of special scientific interest) and surrounding land is a special conservation area (SAG)
  • National Nature Reserves: Waun Las (Llanarthne), Dinefwr Park (Llandeilo)
  • Wales’ largest breeding populations of tree sparrows and home to Hairstreak butterfly, Riffle beetles, water voles, otters, Plovers, Waxcap mushrooms, rare orchids
  • Pylons risk to water feeding birds with large wing spans, Whooper and Mute Swans, Red Kites, Egrets, Herons
Pylons – Impact on Health and Wellbeing:
  • Pylons and overhead wires should not be placed near homes, schools or nurseries
  • The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified power-frequency magnetic fields as “possible cancerous” (e.g. childhood leukaemia)
  • Risk of stress and anxiety associated with pylons – mental wellbeing
No Community Benefit:
  • Bute Group’s lack of connection and long-term interests with Wales (based in Scotland and financed by Danish investment company
  • No significant job and wealth creation for Wales
  • Lack of clarity over size of community fund but in reality this is likely to be a relatively small sum per community. Money much better spent on undergrounding costs
  • The only potentially acceptable option
  • Dismissed as economically unviable but this conclusion has not been costed properly.
  • Must take into account the wider economic impact on the community as a result of pylons and other considerations.
  • Future Wales The National Plan 2040 states that new strategic grid infrastructure for the transmission and distribution of energy should be designed to minimise visual impact on nearby communities
  • The Minister for Climate Change, Julie James MS, has taken the view that undergrounding should be used wherever possible (e.g. Brechfa Wind Farm)
  • Pylons are being dismantled elsewhere: Snowdonia, Dorset