No Pylons in the Towy Valley!

We are a voice for the communities of Llandovery, Llandeilo and surrounding areas in opposition to the Bute Energy/Green GEN Cymru proposals to erect over 60 miles of electricity pylons to connect the Nant Mithil Energy Park in the Radnor Forest in Powys to a new National Grid substation near Llandyfaelog, between Carmarthen and Pont Abraham.

We fully support renewable energy but do not believe its development should be at the expense of the local environment and people that live in it. There are better options!

This proposal offers little or no benefit to Wales, which already produces more electrical energy than we use. The push towards Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions has opened the doors for private companies to make huge profits. Our precious landscape should not be for sale!

The surroundings of our homes and businesses will be permanently changed by the construction of this project. Yet decisions will be made by those who live elsewhere, based on proposals from Bute Energy who to date have no track record in delivering or managing major power infrastructure. So we say NO to pylons through our valley!